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The Latest NEWS: 3-01-11  This week the race was in Atlanta. It was his first week riding with the Rockwell crew. They were all great to us and we appreciate the opportunity and  hospitality. Ronnie got used to the 450 in his 8 minute non timed practice and was feeling real good heading into the first timed practice. A fluke crash at the early part of the timed practice brought out the red flag. Ronnie came out of the bowl turn before the whoops and his front end started to wash out, then the bike caught traction and high sided him head first into the first whoop. He was knocked unconscious and when he came too he took a ride in the red mule to the rolling hospital. No injuries to report and he steadily regained memory and was in fairly good shape within 30 minutes. The decision was made on the way to the truck that he would not get on a bike for at least a week. He only had one lap time recorded and ended up 45th qualifier after both timed practices were done, he looked good on the bike and would have easily qualified. He asked me in the Asterisk truck "what do we do now?". I replied we go watch the races and have fun. Thanks go out to the whole group at Rockwell, the crew, riders and mechanics were very friendly and fun to   hang out with. Ronnie is going to show up at Daytona and determine at that time if he is ready to ride yet. This week Ronnie was the Privateer Profile on  RacerX. Thank you to and for that.

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