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3-01-11  This week the race was in Atlanta. It was his first week riding with the Rockwell crew. They were all great to us and we appreciate the opportunity and  hospitality. Ronnie got used to the 450 in his 8 minute non timed practice and was feeling real good heading into the first timed practice. A fluke crash at the early part of the timed practice brought out the red flag. Ronnie came out of the bowl turn before the whoops and his front end started to wash out, then the bike caught traction and high sided him head first into the first whoop. He was knocked unconscious and when he came too he took a ride in the red mule to the rolling hospital. No injuries to report and he steadily regained memory and was in fairly good shape within 30 minutes. The decision was made on the way to the truck that he would not get on a bike for at least a week. He only had one lap time recorded and ended up 45th qualifier after both timed practices were done, he looked good on the bike and would have easily qualified. He asked me in the Asterisk truck "what do we do now?". I replied we go watch the races and have fun. Thanks go out to the whole group at Rockwell, the crew, riders and mechanics were very friendly and fun to   hang out with. Ronnie is going to show up at Daytona and determine at that time if he is ready to ride yet. This week Ronnie was the Privateer Profile on
 RacerX. Thank you to Lebigusa.com and RacerXonline.com for that.

2-22-2011   This weekend the race was in San Diego. Rain was a factor all day. The track guys did a good job, but there were still times that riding was challenging just to get around the track. Ronnie continues to improve. His riding was good all day. A better start in the heat or LCQ and he would have made the main. He had his best finish in the LCQ (4th) which moved him up $70 on the pay scale to $300. The good news of the week is that Ronnie will be riding most of the East coast rounds on a 450. He will be riding for the Rockwell team. Thank you to Erv, Rich, Casey and Justin for that. So far he is entered for Atlanta and Daytona.

 2-7-2011 This weekend the race was back at Anaheim for their second race of the year, think PINK for breast cancer awareness. Ronnie had his best qualifying of the season (28th lites) and his best finish in a heat race ever. He was 10th in the heat race, one bike length behind the 9th place qualifier that made the main. The track was the most difficult of the season so far and it looked like that was an advantage for Ronnie over the group of guys that had been beating him in qualifying. He looked comfortable on the track and he said he liked it and had fun on it. His starts and riding in the whoops were improved, practicing of those last week showed improved results (thank you to KW for that). There is two weeks until San Diego (next week is Houston, first roud of the East Lites series) which will be good for him to get some quality training and practice in. He has been running around trying to get the bike and his program dialed in. Bike is good now (thank you to Don Leib at Rocket Exhaust), so he can focus on little improvements. He has just started a new semester at UNLV, a lot of new stuff happening in the last four weeks. His mom finally got to go see him race this year, everything is headed in the right direction.

1/31/2011 Ronnie is riding a Honda this season. He borrowed a bike right before Anaheim 1, and rode it the Thu & Fri before racing it on Sat at Anaheim. It was the first time he rode on a Supercross track since May 8, 2010 when he got 12th in his heat and 8th in the LCQ in the 450 class at the Las Vegas Supercross. Anaheim went as well as could be expected, Ronnie qualfied for the night show and started to get back into the SX groove. Tuesday after Anaheim he picked up a new bike that he will be riding for the rest of the series. He raced it at the Phoenix and Los Angeles Supercrosses with a stock motor, only a Rocket exhaust system. Rocket exhaust was able to do his motor before the Oakland Supercross and the bike is working real good now.

5/11/10  Ronnie raced the Vegas SX 3 weeks after having his cast from broken ankle at Indy SX removed. His mobility was not good and lots of pain. Watching him ride at the Hart & Huntington track on THU before Vegas he looked about 75% compared to before his injury. His Doctor visit on WED and CT scan was positive, the injury is about 98% healed. Now lots of work to get the mobility back and build the strength. He looked really good on the 450. A last place start in the heat and he charged the whole 8 laps and worked up to 12th, 3 spots out of qualifying. A good start in the LCQ, 4th but could not put in the banzie charged that is required to make it out of LCQ. The whole family had a great weekend and it was good to see him back on his bike. I personally am glad that I had the chance to be his mechanic for his first race in Vegas.

2/1/10 Ronnie qualified 26th fastest in San Fransisco, his best yet. He had decent starts and this was definitely a week to get into the main. Top series riders behind him in the heat and LCQ kept him from the main when they passed him. Time to get the 450 ball rolling, East coast rounds are coming fast. We also want to say thank you to Musclepharm.com and Skeletalmetal.com for stepping up with their sponsorship of the team. Next SAT we will be in San Diego trying to avoid the rain again.

1-25-10 We avoided a mud race at A-2, the Dirt Wurx crew kept the track in excellent shape. The dirt was soft with the sand that they added, but very raceable. Ronnie continues to qualify for the show with no problem. We are working on getting that top 3 start in the heat, if he can get thru the first lap in third or better he should get into his first main. His lap times are consistent and he can do 6 solid laps easily. We will be heading to San Fransisco this weekend. I heard possibly a mud race there. The team has stepped up and has got a lot of the new team bugs worked out. Our pit area and program were incredible this week. Thanks to Aaron, Rolla, Nate, Jordan and Damon things are going great at the track. You can check out pictures from A-2 on Red7 facebook.

1-17-10 The Phoenix supercross went good for Ronnie. He qualified in a better position than the opener and also finished better in his heat race and last chance qualifier. He is do to get in the main soon. Speed and conditioning are there he just needs to pull a top three start. Looks like a big mud race this Sat in Anaheim. Rain and mud are the great equalizers.

Kyle Partridge was taken out by James Stewart in his heat race. He was sore, but nothing broken. Hopefully Kyle can get thru this weekend, he is real close to being in the main. We wish him good luck.

Ronnie easily qualified for the night show at the Anaheim season opener. First turn altercations kept Ronnie from the main. Overall season started great. The Red7ride.com team is awesome, a bunch of great people.

Ronnie raced the UTAH Wintercross in Heber City Utah on 12/18 & 12/19. Friday 250f Pro 3rd place, Open Pro 3rd place. Saturday 250f Pro 2nd place, Open Pro 4th place. Kyle Partridge and Gray Davenport were fast, props to them. Also thank you to the Santos family for the hospitality and a warm place to stay in the 2 degree weather.

11/30/09 Ronnie started back at the SX training camp in Taft, CA for the second 5 week session after a week off at home for the holiday. He is rested and ready to put in more hard work. Berluti completely rebuilt motor, tranny and suspension during the off week, so the bike is fresh and ready to go also. Thank you to Tony for fitting that in during the tight holiday schedule. Racer X Privateer Profile

10-29-09 - Ronnie is attending a 5 week SX Training camp in Taft CA. Here is a link to a video of the camp done by Simon Cudby Click HERE

10/12/09 Ronnie qualifies for US Open and finishes 28th on FRI

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